Święte prawo własności w Indiach

Sacred right of ownership. I “lost” my cat in Delhi. It means Delhi Green Tribunal banned cars older than 15 years old (petrol, and older than 10 years for deisels). Nobody knows what police can do.

If they challan 500 INR only is not a big issue, but if they confiscate car it is not a pleasure. I need car every day to drop Baby to school (in the afternoon ca 1 pm) they drop him by bus. To buy new car only for this reason is a bit expensive.
To buy 2nd hand car is for limited time.

Many people “lost” their cars on similar way. Some have very well preserved Mercedes, BMW or another. Now useless.
The samo problem with busses. Old school bus can be in a very good condition. They move only 2-3 times a day, so engine is not overburdened and can be in very good condition.

However opposition is quite small. Majority of people thing, that is is not their problem, because they have relatively new cars. But it is. It will be much more difficult to sell used car, because even if it will be in perfect technical condition, buyer will know, that he will be able to use it only for limited period.

Theoreticaly it is to curb pollution in Delhi. But the highest polluters are overloaded trucks, traffic jams and thousand of diesel generators in each factory or building. Also thousand unnecessary drives of water cisterns, because there is no water in the pipes.

Also which driver knowing, that it is end of “tenure” of his car will invest even 1 INR in it, who will change oil etc.?

The most curiosal is sentence of High Court when some people challenged the Green Tribunal decision: “Let’s them do if they want to do something”. No word about any sense of the decision.