How many interesting places could be found in India? Hundreds? Thousands?


There are places so incredible like Ladakh. Plane lowers, crosses the layer of the clouds and … Moons landscape. Towering, jagged peaks are covered by snow. Cold, untouched by the man desert. Usually the use of cameras in the plane is not allowed, but this time there is an exception.


There are cities of ghosts like Hampi – today abandoned capital of Empire of Vijayanagar (XV-XVI century). In it’s own time, by 300 years, the Empire blocked Muslim march southwards. In 1565 Vijayanagar was defeated, capital seized and destroyed. However the remains are impressive. The ruins are picturesquely scattered among hills and lava fields of Deccan. One can forget, that it is XXI century and rather to expect the return of former kings.


There are metropolis like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.


One can find small France in Pondicherry, England in Shimla and colonial Goa.


What is not in India? The second Singapore – but in the future?