Our Offer

We organize tourist as well as business trips and sightseeing.

Each trip is tailor made according to customer’s time, interest and budget. It doesn’t mean, that such trip must be expensive. The whole procedure is described in more detail on the page “Arrangement of tour”.

Your trip can be arranged any time and there is no minimum number of participants. You needn’t adjust to anybody.

We can arrange each form of entertainment. From romantic trip on houseboat in Kerala to tough trekking and mountaineering in Ladakh. Adventure lovers can do rafting on Ganga (quite easy, but there are also more challenging), cycling (absolutely dangerous sport on Indian roads), jungle walk, e.g.:


Trekking and mountaneering

Rafting, Safaris, Romantic excursion in House Boat

Spa, yoga, ayurweda

Excursion to slums


If one is interested in budget trip, we can organize very cheap tour by trains with budget hotels and clear instructions with substitute guide. If you like more luxury we can arrange more sophisticated transport, high class hotels and accompany you during the trip. 


Let’s try.