India is a “mystic” country, where you can travel in space and time. It takes one hour drive from ultra modern office or laboratory to “medieval” village. The biotech businessman can check his horoscope, before taking any important decision using top-modern computer.

One can find in India garden of nature and a treasure of cultural riches. Every year India is visited by millions of tourists. Here, everyone can find something interesting. Rajput forts, museums, modern art galleries and yoga or ayurveda exercises, also night clubs: all is here to satisfy even the most demanding guests. The true pleasure is shopping – in modern malls or traditional bazaars – up to wish. Visitors can feel truly welcome in India and experience the remarkable traditional Indian hospitality. Nobody will leave India disappointed; the adventure hungry will get enough adrenaline, those who fancy peace and tranquility will be able to unwind at Indian’s natural sites.

There are many ways to see India. It can be luxury or budget trip, with group or alone, etc. We organize customized trips to India adjusted to Guest’s  time, interests and budget. Our itineraries include big metropolis and villages, temples, forts, skyscrapers and slums. Our motto is to show as much varieties as possible, to create comprehensive picture of India and to expose richness of that country.

We show India as it is.